Implementing SMED

Implementing SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) will help you to reduce setup or changeover times to just single minutes as the name suggests. It is like going from changing your own tire on the side of the road using the tools provided with your car to a highly efficient Formula One tire change in just a few seconds. Of course your changeover need not cost as much as a high profile Grand Prix tire swap however it could be just as fast with some careful thought.


Implementing the Stages of SMED

SMED is usually split into just 7 stages. Follow the links below to access information on implementing each of those stages:


If you would like support with your changeover we can provide you with support through a video based review or your setup or with online coaching to help support your SMED implementation. You can learn additional information about our services by clicking the link below or email us to register your interest:

SMED Video Improvement

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