SMED Consulting Online

“Send us a Video of your Changeover and we will show you how to make improvements.”


SMED Changeover Reduction Consulting

Reducing the length of time that your changeovers take is vital for  any Lean Implementation. Reduced changeover times will allow you to reduce batch sizes and stock  while significantly improving the efficiency of your processes. Achieving the single minutes promised by SMED can be hard work however if you have never implemented this technique before.

Hiring help through a consultant can be a very expensive way to get the support and experience that you need. Many will charge you thousands of dollars a day and will ensure that they drag your help out for a week or two with various value added extras to ensure that they justify what they are charging. While this will still be a huge saving to your business, it is not always something that you can afford to pay up front.

This is why you should give us a shot. We can provide you with all of the help and support that you need to make those improvements to your setups through our highly experienced lean expert. They will work with you online at a fraction of the cost of bringing someone into your business.


How Does our SMED Coaching Work?

We always aim to ensure that we will impart the skills necessary for you to be able to go off and repeat what we have walked you through elsewhere in your business.

We have two main options that you can use for SMED coaching although we can tailor our approach to provide you with help in any way that you feel fits:


Video Based Changeover Reduction through SMED

Setup Reduction Consulting

SMED Setup Reduction Coaching

This process will typically take place over a week.

  • We will ask you to provide us with a detailed and clear video of the changeover that you are working on. This can be up to around 45minutes in length. We will also ask you for all of the instructions and other documentation that is relevant to the changeover.
  • Once this has been received we will review everything that you have sent. More often than not we will want to discuss what we have seen and ask additional questions. We will contact you through both email, chat and video calling to ensure that we get all of the information that we need.
  • We will then provide you with a detailed report highlighting those areas within the setup that require improvement as well as detailed suggestions as to how those improvements can be achieved.

We charge just $397 for this review:  Make an Order


SMED Training and Consulting Online

Lean Coaching

Lean Coaching

We will provide you with daily support over a 4 week (20 day) period to help walk you through the different stages of SMED and any issues that you may encounter. Typically this will include:

  • Choosing the changeover on which SMED will be implemented
  • Gaining a baseline for the current changeover
  • Basic Training Materials
  • Planning your SMED implementation
  • Daily communication with each step
  • Review of changes and findings with suggestions to improve
  • Problem solving
  • Support with your setup instructions to retain improvements

During the process we offer the following communication:

  • Daily emails; we encourage you to add short clips, pictures and other media. We usually respond by the following day.
  • 2 weekly video chats of 30 minutes duration

At the end of this training and coaching session, we will expect that you will have the skills necessary to be able to repeat what you have learned on another process within your business. The cost for all of this support is just $797:         Order our support


We also provide support with all other forms of Lean Implementation and process improvements. Just contact us here today to let us know what your needs are:      Inquiry